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        Work Team 

Our team has been chosen for their professionalism, knowledge and skills in the area of ​​systems. We have established strategic partnerships around the world to provide intelligent and integrated solutions.


    Technical support 

  Installing Antivirus

     and Software 

There are several popular free options available that do a good job of protecting the average user. These programs are updated frequently with new virus definitions that recognize the latest threats. If you frequently deal with files or websites that are virus-infected, you may want to opt for more powerful paid protection. Paid antivirus programs are typically available for a yearly subscription fee.     

nternet plans 

We offer different plans 

4Mbps    $25,00+ taxes 

5Mbps    $35,00 + Taxes 

7Mbps    $45,00 + Taxes

10Mbps $ 75,00 +axes 

fiber optic  

All plans the  Taxes its not include